Surf N' Stay San Diego

Ocean Front of Pacific Beach

Surf & Stay San Diego offers more highly skilled surf coaching than conventional surf schools. We focus on true surfing, not the one-second pop-up, which is only good for a photo to brag about on social media. With surf camp San Diego, we focus on long-lasting results.

OUR Hotel

Surf, relax, and refuel at our beachfront hotel. Our hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds. Spend your days surfing the waves and your nights relaxing in our comfortable accommodations.


At Surf N' Stay San Diego, we coach based on your needs and depending on any experience you may or may not have.

Proper technique, methodology, passionate surf coaches, and fun are all combined, so you enjoy surfing as much as we do, and get hooked for life.

Bike Rentals

Bicycles are quickly becoming the preferred method of transportation in our eco-friendly city. Bicycles are provided to take you along a path encompassing both Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Make your stop at one of the many parks along the path, have a picnic, swim in the calm waters of the bay, or even play some beach volleyball. Finish off your day riding into the sunset. There are bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables and even restaurants with happy hours all situated along Mission Bay bike paths for you to enjoy after your morning of surf sessions.