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How To Care For Your Surfboard

Check out our tips to increase the life of your surfboard.

Surfboards are not cheap, which is why they require some care to increase their lifespan and save you money and ensuring your surfboard is always being taken care of. You can’t prevent all wear and tear on your surfboard as that is part of the process of using it but let’s talk about how to minimize the damage and keep your surfboard in top condition.

Caring for your surfboard begins well before you enter the surf. Similarly, the trip home from the beach can also damage your surfboard.

The first step is to invest in a great coat, preferably thermal. This will protect the paint and also protect the board from harsh weather, especially the sun. If you want to be extreme some even put bubble wrap or cardboard inside the cover – but only if you want to be extra careful.

When transporting your board make sure you do not leave your board in your car for too long, especially if it’s a hot and sunny day. This may cause the paint to be damaged, especially if it is in darker shades.

When at the beach, avoid leaving your surfboard in the sun. It’s ideal to leave it in the shade, but as we know that not every beach has places protected from the sun. Remember that in addition to yellowing, the board in the sun becomes less flexible, and can decrease its performance in the waves. Finally, make sure your wet suit or bathing suit does not have metal or sharp objects, they can scratch your surfboard or even pierce it.

You have finished surfing – what’s next?

First, shower or wash your surfboard in fresh water, this will wash away the sea salt and increase the life of your surfboard. After washing we recommend putting on your surfboard cover.

When you get home, always check the current state of the wax on your board. If it is dirty or dark, it is time to change. Using a scraper, completely remove the old wax and then, with circular motions, refill the entire surface. If in the middle of the process you notice some damage, never fill with wax, the correct way is to seal it with silver tape. Remembering that this should probably be done by a professional.

If you have more than one surfboard, never put one on top of the other. The contact between the wax of one and the surface of the other, can cause damage.

There you have it, our guide to taking care of your surfboard.

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